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Quad Bike Desert Dubai Double Seat 30 Min

Quad Bike Desert Dubai Double Seat 25-30Mins


AED 330

Per Person Charges


25-30 Min

Dune Bashing

Self On Quad Bike

No Hidden


Pick & Drop

WithOut Pick & Drop

Quad Bikes with Eagle Eyes Tourism LLC

Eagle Eyes Tourism is a recognized tourism firm that has provided its clients with wonderful experiences for years. We specialize in desert safari excursions that include exhilarating sports such as quad biking. Our Quad bike Desert Dubai Double seat 30 minutes tour in the center of the desert are ideal for anyone seeking an adventurous experience. With our state of the art quad bikes and knowledgeable guides, we guarantee a one of a kind adventure.

What Are Quad Bike Desert Dubai:

Off-roading is the primary purpose served by quad bikes, which are sometimes referred to as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) due to their four-wheeled configuration. They feature a high center of gravity and are outfitted with huge tires that have low pressure, which together enable them to travel over difficult terrain with relative ease. A lot of people who are looking for an exciting new experience opt to travel across the desert on a quad bike so that they can get a taste of the off-roading action. Because of their adaptability, maneuverability, and ability to achieve high speeds, they are a perfect choice for individuals who are looking for an adrenaline rush.

A Thrilling Desert Safari Experience with Eagle Eyes Tourism

When you go to Dubai, do you want to do something exciting? You don’t need to look any further than Eagle Eyes Tourism. We are the best travel company, and our Double-seat quad bikes make for an exciting desert safari. At Eagle Eyes Tourism, we’re proud to give our customers an experience they’ll never forget. Our desert quad bike rides are designed to get your heart racing and give you a rush of adrenaline. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about our quad bikes in Dubai in this article.

Double Seat Quad Bike Desert Dubai 30 Mints Tour:

When it comes to people who wish to enjoy the excitement of off-roading alone, Eagle Eyes Tourism offers Double seat quad bikes. Powerful engines on our quad bikes allow them to go at speeds of up to 50 km/h. Without pick-up or drop-off, we are offering 30 minutes of quad biking for only 330 AED. You won’t find a better offer for quad bikes in Dubai than this.

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Itinerary for Desert Safari Promotion package:

Eagle Eyes Tourism, the most reputed tour operator in Dubai, provides the most exciting Dubai Desert Safari deals and packages.

Pick up from your location

Eagle Eyes assigns a chauffeur for pick and drop services from your location in Dubai. An appointed person will come to pick you up and take you to the wild safari experience. Get the Morning Desert Safari Dubai tour experience with Eagle Eyes Tourism. We make your trip to Dubai more thrilling and fun.

Quad Bike Desert Dubai  Tours:

Are you interested in having an interesting adventure while you’re in Dubai? Eagle Eyes Tourism should be your first and only stop! Our business provides an exciting quad bike tour that takes riders into the desert on a ride that is sure to have their heart racing. In the following paragraphs, we will supply you with all of the information you require concerning our quad bike trip in Dubai.

Safety Measures:

At Eagle Eyes Tourism, we put the well-being of our guests first and foremost. A comprehensive safety orientation will be given to you by our knowledgeable tour guides before you go out on your quad bike excursion. This will contain instructions on how to drive the vehicle, as well as pointers on how to maintain your own personal safety throughout the journey. We will also offer you with protective gear, such as helmets and gloves, so that you can ride without worrying about your safety.

What to Wear for Quad Biking?

When quad biking, it is necessary to dress appropriately and use the appropriate footwear. It is strongly advised that you dress in loose-fitting, breathable clothes that completely covers your arms and legs. In order to participate in the tour, you will need to wear shoes with closed toes, such as sneakers or hiking boots.

How to Book Your Quad Bike Tour:

Eagle Eyes Tourism makes it simple to reserve your spot on a quad bike tour. To make a reservation for your tour, you can either phone our customer service department or visit our website. We provide a variety of tour packages, such as the one where you can ride a quad bike with a double seat for 30 minutes for only 330AED. We also provide packages that include pick-up and drop-off services for those who are interested in purchasing them, as well as transportation to and from your hotel.