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Top Ten Desert Safaris Dubai


Dubai, with its grand and tall skyscrapers and excessive lavishness, is not merely a city of wealth and modernism, it is also an entrance to the breathtaking Arabian Desert. Across the shine and allure, you will find a world of dunes, ancient culture, and exciting experiences waiting to be investigated. Among the best ways to experience the spell and magic of the desert is through safari desert. This article will describe the top 10 Desert Safari Dubai that offer an unforgettable desert experience.

Morning Desert Safari:

If you are in the habit of early rising, the Morning Desert Safari Dubai is your best choice. It presents an enchanting experience of the desert after the sun rises, painting the landscape in warm colors. You will have the opportunity to participate in dune bashing, camel riding, and even sandboarding. The morning light produces a remarkable atmosphere providing the best opportunities for memorable photography. This will help make your hours unforgettable for a long life.

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Dune Bashing, Sand boarding and Camel Riding View with Quad Bike

Evening Desert Safari:

Evening Safari is the most suitable choice for those who give priority to cooler temperatures of the evening. This safari tour includes activities such as dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding after having a traditional Arabian BBQ Dinner along with live entertainment programs including belly dance and traditional Tanoura dance performances. It is a complete desert experience that captivates the spirit of Dubai’s ancient culture and respectable and memorable hospitality. So, it is the best selection for those who prefer cooler temperatures to warmer ones.

Overnight Desert Safari:

Take your desert experience to the next upper level with an overnight Desert Safari. Spend the night under a starry sky in a conventional Bedouin-style camp. In this camp, you can delight in henna painting, stargazing activity, and a tasty and sumptuous BBQ Dinner before leaving your warm and peaceful tent. Wake up and then get up to an intoxicating desert sunrise and enjoy a delicious breakfast before returning to your city. The sunrise view also gives you a golden opportunity to take memorable snaps that will amuse you for a long time. Along with all these, overnight camp also presents bonfires and storytelling activities.

Interesting Arabian tales while enjoying a bonfire delight you and connect you with the ancient Arabian culture. This safari is the best choice for night birds and in the habit of awakening all night. An unforgettable adventure awaits in the heart of the desert with Overnight Desert Safari Dubai, ranked among the top 10 desert safari experiences in Dubai.

Private Desert Safari:

For a more unique and personalized experience, think about booking a Private Desert Safari. In this safari, you will have your committed car and an expert guide, allowing you to tailor the experience to your priorities. Whether captivating the perfect sunset snaps or investigating the desert at your own pace, a private safari presents elasticity and secrecy. Private desert safari is best suited for those who want to keep their trip secret and wish to arrange a separate tour for their family.

Desert Safari with Hot Air Balloon Ride:

Join the delight of a desert safari with the calmness and peacefulness of a hot air balloon ride. This remarkable experience offers you a glance at the enchanting desert landscape at dawn when the sun is about to rise. After enjoying this thrilling ride, you can continue your safari with conventional activities and a tasty breakfast.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve Safari:

For a more eco-friendly experience, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve Safari is the best selection. This safari carries you into a safe and protected desert area, home to many flora and fauna. When investigating the perfect desert landscape, you can advertise Arabian oryx gazelles and other wildlife. It is a fabulous chance to appreciate and admire Dubai’s dedication to preserving its natural cultural heritage. This safari can be suitable for environment-conscious people.

Hatta Desert Safari:

Run away from the busy city life with a Hatta Desert Safari. Hatta is located in east Dubai and presents a remarkable experience with its rocky areas and mountainous backdrop. You can investigate Hatta’s red dunes by visiting Hatta Heritage Village and even take an energizing dip in the Hatta Rock Pools for a complete desert retreat. Hatta Desert Safari is one of the best safari tour from top 10 Desert Safari Dubai tours.

Hummer Desert Safari:

If you are fond of an adrenaline rush, the Hummer Desert Safari is your best choice. Buckle up in a strong Hummer H2 when your skilled and perfect driver takes you on an exciting dune-bashing adventure. This high-octane safari is not for the feeble of heart and offers you an adrenaline-pumping adventure. This safari is most suitable for adventure lovers.   

Camel Desert Safari:

If you are willing for a more traditional desert experience, jump on a Camel Desert Safari. Ride these gentle giants famous as “the ship of Desert” through the dunes, just as nomad people used to ride many centuries ago. You will have many chances to learn about the camel’s importance in Emirati culture and enjoy the peaceful desert life.

Quad biking safari:

If you are fond of off-road adventures, the quad bike safari is the best choice for them. Jump on a rocky path through a 4×4 car and navigate the challenging rocky path of the desert. It is a very terrifying experience that joins the trill of the desert with the charm and beauty of the desert. You will enjoy excitement, thrill, and the beauty of the desert at the same time.

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Desert Safari Dubai promises a wide range of different experiences to cater to the priorities of every traveler. Whether you are searching for thrilling adventure, a peaceful and calm atmosphere, or want to taste the ancient Arabian culture, desert safari is here to perfectly fulfill all your needs and requirements. So, never miss the chance to venture into the intoxicating Arabian desert and create unforgettable golden memories in this desert oasis.

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