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Desert Safari Dubai Packages & Deals (November, 2023)


Dubai, a busy metropolis famous for its tall skyscrapers, lavish lifestyle, and dynamic culture, presents a remarkable contrast, the attractive desert landscape only a short drive from the city’s center. Best desert Safari Dubai experience offers a lot of thrilling adventures, peacefulness, and a taste of genuine Emirati culture. In this article, we shall explore the world of Desert, searching for many Desert Safari Dubai packages and deals accessible to make your desert adventure memorable.  

The Magic of Dubai’s Deserts:

Dubai is surrounded by the Arabian Desert, which covers a great span of the United Arab Emirates. The Dubai Desert is described by its enchanting dunes that spread as far as the human eye can witness, golden landscapes that shine in the sunlight, and an unearthly sense of tranquility and calmness. A Desert Safari is a complete way to run away from the busy urban life, involve yourself in nature, and join the lavish cultural heritage of the Desert.

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Dune Bashing in Desert Safari Dubai

Types of Desert Safaris:

Dubai presents a wide range of Desert Safari experiences; each one serves different priorities and budgets. Here are some famous and well-known types of Desert Safaris.

Morning Desert Safari:

Perfect for early risers, morning safari lets you watch the peaceful desert at dawn.   Provide many opportunities for stunning photography with sunrise among the grand dunes.

  • Activities may include dune bashing, camel riding, and sandboarding.
  • You can include tasty breakfast in the morning safari deal at extra charges.

Evening Desert Safari:

Among the most famous selections, this safari starts late afternoon and continues in the evening.

  • Twilight photographic opportunities are featured when the sun is about to set, dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and conventional Emirati entertainment such as Belly dancing and Tanoura dance performances along with background music.
  • A delicious Buffet Dinner with many tasty conventional Arabian and modern food items is provided to entertain the travelers.

Overnight Desert Safari:

  • For a more immersive experiment, imagine staying in a desert camp.
  • Enjoy stargazing, beautiful henna painting, and a tasty Barbecue Dinner.
  • Get up and be ready for a charming desert safari sunrise before going back to the city.

Private Desert Safari:

Tailored for those who are in search of a more personalized experience.

  • Entire use of a 4×4 car and a private guide.
  • Elasticity to select activities and timings.

Dubai’s tourism industry presents a variety Best desert safari deal and packages to suit different budgets and priorities. Here are some important considerations while selecting the most suitable and reasonable packages.

  • Pick & Drop by 4×4 Car from your home locations
  • Dune bashing in 4×4 car
  • Live entertainment shows
  • Live belly dance
  • Live fire show
  • Live tanoura dance
  • Short camel ride
  • Sheesha free (in smoking after 7:00PM)
  • Arabic costume free for pictures only
  • Sunset photography
  • Live BBQ Buffet Dinner
  • Starter (Serve after 7:00PM)
  • Separate Toil Facility.

Evaluate what activities, food items, and services are in the package. Some may offer extra incentives such as pick-up and drop-off services from your hotel locations.


Review whether you prioritize a more deep experience with a small group or an energetic environment with larger groups.

Duration Group:

Select a package that matches your desired time. Most safaris last 4 to 6 hours, but overnight options are also available.

Special requirements:

If you have special requests or dietary limitations, ensure the selected package can balance them by providing the required items.


Associate prices among different organizers, but never forget that the cheapest options may not always be the best value.    


Read evaluations and check the reputations of the trip organizers to ensure a safe and delightful experience.

Top Desert Safari Operators:

Dubai claims an economic market of desert safari organizers, each presenting remarkable packages. Here are some famous organizers to consider.

Eagle Eyes Tourism LLC:

  • A reliable and long-established organizer.
  • Offers a variety of options, including private trips.
  • Famous for their best services and learned, knowledgeable, and expert guides

Dubai Trip Helper:

  •  Concentrate on giving a more reliable and lavish desert experience with thrilling activities.
  • Presents wildlife safaris in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.
  • It is complete for those who are interested in conservation and heritage.

Best Desert Safari Deal:

 Famous for its reasonable prices and family-friendly packages.

Making the most of your desert safari.

  Whatever package you select, here are some tips for an unforgettable desert safari experience.

  1. Dress appropriately: Wear a lightweight, breathable dress and easy footwear for sand.
  2. Sun Protection: Apply sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and bring a hat to protect yourself from the strength of the burning sun rays.
  3. Hydrate: The climate of the desert can be dehydrated, so drink a lot of water the whole day.
  4. Capture the moment: Carry a camera to capture attractive landscapes and memorable hours.
  5. Respect the Environment: Follow your guide’s instructions and protect the natural beauty.
  6. Immerse in culture: Indulge in native traditions and customs, like trying on conventional costumes and tasting tasty Emirati food items.   


A Desert Safari Dubai is not merely a trip, but it is a memorable trip into the heart of the Arabian Desert. With various desert safari Dubai packages and deals to select from, there is something special and common for every traveler. Whatever you want to find, an adventure, comfort, or a cultural experience. So jump on the magic of Dubai’s deserts and embark on a desert safari that will leave you with memories of wealth for a lifetime. So always choose the best suitable safari package that matches your economy and desires.

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