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Dhow Cruise In Dubai | The Best Way Of Touring The City!

Dhow Cruise In Dubai: The Best Way Of Touring The City!

Dhow Cruise In Dubai: The Best Way Of Touring The City!

Imagine an everlasting Dhow Cruise In Dubai experience and seeing one of the world’s most famous landmarks, as well as the city’s vibrant streets, white sand beaches, and stunning skylines. Take a river tour to see all of these sights while relaxing on the boat. With the Dubai Dhow, you can make your fantasy a reality. A dhow is a popular wooden boat utilized for navigation that was custom-built by the local fishing community.

The dhows of today have grown from simple sailing vessels to the pinnacle of luxury cruising. To help you pick the Dubai Dhow cruise that’s right for you, let’s take a trip together and find out how to choose a dhow cruise, what it has to offer, and the highlights of the trip!

What To Expect In The Dhow Cruise

Embark on a breathtaking cruise lit up with thousands of twinkling lights as you sail through Dubai’s natural splendor. On the ship, there are two decks, one of which is completely air-conditioned and intended for pure entertainment, complete with live acts that leave you eagerly anticipating the next. The second deck is partially open, so you can take advantage of the cool air and the silky Arabian Gulf waves.

Onboard Entertainment and Food

Whether it’s a small party or a totally private event, a dhow cruise offers one of the most adaptable and customized abroad experiences. There are DJ parties, live performances, and dances to choose from on the trip. Before the traditional Turkish dance performed by a dancer dressed in an elegant and highly adorned gown. Belly dancing was the most popular form of entertainment at cruise.

If you arrive early enough, you’ll be welcomed with coffee, dates, and other little treats. You’ll be able to sip on a wide range of drinks and beverages while also indulging in delectable sweets. The “kahwah” a traditional Arabic coffee served on the trip.

Dhow Marina Dinner Cruise | Dhow cruise in Dubai

Dhow Cruise Highlights:

Depending on where you are in the city, you will see some of Dubai’s most notable buildings while out on the water. You can’t miss the vista over the brilliant lights and vivid hues. The following are a few of the cruise’s highlights. Dubai National Bank Spice & Gold Souks Chamber of Commerce Al Bastakiya District Sheikh Saeed’s House Heritage Village

Cruises on dhows sail all day, providing passengers with the option of sightseeing or a luxurious meal. The type of cruise you pick will depend on your preferences and desired experience. For example, if you like sightseeing excursions, choose a daytime sail. For evening cruises, choose one that includes supper and onboard entertainment. If you can, resist being on an open deck in the sun during the hours of the day. So, you can view the wonders of the world in the early morning or late afternoon.


There are several exciting things to do and sights to see in Dubai that will provide you with priceless memories. The decision is yours, but a trip to Dubai would be pointless without a ride on a Dhow during the sunset or at night beneath the starry sky. To know more, you should consider contacting Eagles Eyes today.

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