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Dubai Desert Safari, Important Tips For Travelers

Dubai Desert Safari Important Tips:

Dubai Desert Safari Important Tips: Dubai, a dynamic city famous for its grand skyscrapers, lavish shopping Malls and spendthrift lifestyle, present a breathtaking run away from the busy city life to peaceful beauty of the desert. Desert safari Dubai is a must experienced adventure that allow tourists to indulge themselves into in the golden sands, conventional Arab culture and attractive landscapes. To make sure you do the most of this distinct journey, here are some necessary tips to understand before starting your Dubai Desert Safari.

Select the right time to visit:

The climate of the desert of Dubai can be much severe. It has extremely hot temperature during day time in hot summer months. The suitable time to visit a desert safari is during the cold weather, from October to April. During these months the climate condition is much pleasant allowing you to enjoy the outdoor activities delightfully.

what to wear on your private Dubai desert safari important tips

Book in advance:

Desert safaris are very famous in Dubai and they are over -crowded hurriedly particularly in tourist seasons. For this reason to avoid disappointment, it is suggested to book your desert safari in advance. This makes it possible to reserve your place and also give you the chance to select numerous safari packages.

Pack Lightly:

Always travel light, bring only necessary commodities and luggage with you. Your luggage must include a digital camera, a hat, sunglasses, necessary medications and your identification.

Respect wildlife:

While desert looks barren, it is the home for a lot of wild animals. So respect their habitat and don’t disturb them.

Sand dune etiquettes:

If you are at risk of motion sickness, it is suggested you to take safety measures before involving yourself in dune bashing activity. Let your driver know if you are not satisfied with aggressive dune bashing activity. Your safety must be in your priorities, so never take risk at any cost.

Safety first:

Follow all safety rules given by your tourist operators. Stay within designated areas and avoid risky behaviors in the deserts.

Choose the right safari package:

Dubai presents a wide range of safari packages, each supplying to different inclination and budgets. Options are of different types, vary from normal basic tour to more lavish experiences. If you have adventurous nature and are in search of a thrilling activity, opt for the packages that contain dune bashing, sandboarding, and Quad biking. For more thrill and entertainment consider overnight safari option where you can involve themselves in stargazing activity under desert sky.

Dress up properly:

As the desert atmosphere can be very severe, it is much necessary to dress up properly. Select lightweight, light color, breathable fabric that cover your skin to protect your exposed body parts to protect from sun rays, dust and dust. Must remember to wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the severe hot sunrays.

Stay Hydrated:

It is much necessary to stay hydrated in the severe climatic condition. Bring with you a sufficient amount of water to avoid dehydration. Some safari packages also supply water but it is best to have extra water bottle on hand.

Follow Local Customs:

As Desert Safari Dubai is a tourist- friendly experience, it is necessary to respect local customs and traditions. Must dress up nicely particularly when mixing with local Bedouin communities. Always seek permission before taking snaps of the local people and avoid public display of affection.

Experience the sunset:

One of the highlights of the Dubai Desert is watching the intoxicating desert sunset. Make sure to select a safari package that includes sunrise and sunset viewing because this is a magical moment that should not be missed. The game of colors against the sand dunes is really a sight to be viewed.

Capture the memories:

Must remember to bring your camera or smart phone to take the attractive photographs of attractive landscapes and memorable hours during your desert safari. From the exciting dune bashing to the peaceful desert spectacles, there will be a lot of opportunities to take photographs.

Enjoy the Culinary Delights:

Most desert safari packages contain a conventional Arabic dinner, frequently served at a Bedouin-style camp. Involve in a banquet of local dishes. Along with they are also entertained by cultural performances such as Tanoura dance and Belly dance. It provide your opportunity to taste the palate of the area while indulging yourself in the its rich heritage and culture.

Listen to your Guide:

Throughout the safari, skilled and experienced guides will accompany you who have complete knowledge about ecosystem and history of the desert. So listen carefully to their commandments, particularly during activities like dune bashing so that to make sure your protection and simple experience.  Carry a small bag with you to dispose your trash in it.  Help save the attractive beauty for the coming generations.


The Dubai Desert Safari offers a distinct and unforgettable adventure that give you the opportunities to run away from the busy urban life and join you with nature and culture.  If you will follow these necessary tips, you will be perfectly ready to start your this fantastic trip through this intoxicating sand dunes of Desert landscape of Dubai.

This splendid journey will provide you much delight, thrill and entertainment. It will also inform you the ancient culture and traditions of Arabian Desert. You will get entertainment by Arabian culinary delight and traditional Belly dance and Tanoura dance performances. Camel riding and dune bashing activity will provide you thrill and excitement. On this unforgettable trip, photography will allow you to preserve these special memories forever.

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