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Experiencing the Best of Dubai Desert Safari

Experience Best Desert Safari Dubai: In the United Arab Emirates, eye-pleasing beauty exists in the form of mesmerizing buildings and astonishing deserts. It is present in the core city of this specific region, Dubai. Dubai’s Desert Safari offers a spectacular and adventurous experience to visitors. Moreover, it is also known due to the ancient history of the city. They get to know about their culture and traditions along with the soothing view of the city. The sky at night full of stars is a treat to watch.

Dubai’s local facilities are none less than a blessing for all visitors and tourists. Their transport facilities and food services are absolutely spot on. The hotels are lavish with all the basic necessities a human can have. The safari rides in the deserts are enjoyed by people. The most famous activity of these safari rides is the camel rides, for which tourists travel a long way. Camels are suited up in the traditional Arabs outfit, which also reflects their marvelous culture. This memorable ride is unforgettable for them in the form of photography.

experience best desert safari Dubai

The Attraction of the Arabian Desert:

The enormous plain of the Arabian Desert is far away from the city’s shimmering horizon. It offers competition to the city’s urban landscape. Its exquisite beauty lies between the unlimited golden sand mounds faintly whirling in the bleak countryside. The desert’s attraction lies in its quietness, calmness, and the composure it induces. The Arabian Desert provides a necessary break from busy urban life.

Dune Thrashing Affairs:

There are many dune-thrashing adventures on a desert safari Dubai. These adventures are for those who are on the way to the people who have their hearts in their mouths while experiencing these adventures. The expert drivers skillfully drive their 4×4 jeeps over the huge sand dunes. It causes the passengers a mini heart attack. Blood circulation in the passenger’s body becomes the fastest during these rides. They have an adrenaline rush through their veins. Only people with nerves of steel do not panic on these rides. As you reach the highest point of a dune, you are able to see the blissful and awful views of the extensive desert.

VIP Desert Safari Dubai | VIP Desert Safari Package Dubai

Real Adventure:

The real adventure comes when it is time to descend from the dune. It seems like the end of the life, as if the jeep would fall off with all the dangerous skids and cuts. These slides down once again, causing adrenaline to rush through the veins of the travelers. These adventurous trips are unforgettable for the people who they will remember for the rest of their lives. They will keep it in their minds in the form of memorable photographs. Such types of thrilling journeys leave a durable impact on their souls and minds.

Traditional Bedouin Welcome:

After this riveting experience, you are taken to the traditional safari camps, Bedouin-style, which is full of the customary welcome. Bedouins are roving desert residents who give their guests a warm welcome. Moreover, it also gives traditional original Arabic coffee and delicious dates. These Bedouin camps make the visitors familiar with the old traditional Arab culture. Here they collect much information about Arabian foods, customs, traditions, culture and lifestyle.

Art of Falconry:

The adorable Bedouin custom-the art of falconry is a great experience where you see exalted falcons rising in the skies of the desert. Visitors feel much excitement and thrill, and they are now in a fresh mood. The enjoyable, beautiful sights and delightful, thrilling activities keep them fresh and active for a long time. They also get past the experience of tasting the mouth-watering foods of Arabic cooking. Their odoriferous spices and tender grilled meats make them a part of the Arabic taste family. The hoofers amaze them with traditional dance in melodious Arabian tones. It refreshes their soul and takes them back to the ancient history of the safari desert.

Fantasizing under the Arabian Sky:

At twilight, when darkness spreads everywhere, the desert changes itself into a delightful land. The sky shade discloses itself in distinction, and the town is clear with the lights. Relaxing in the soft sand, they are glorified by the wideness of the universe and the twinkling stars shine in the Arabian sky. It somehow strengthens their bond with nature, and they are relieved from their stressful lives and the tensions of this world. Their love for nature’s creation increases. The bright sky makes them remember their loved ones. It also provides them with a source of recreation as well as meditation. Here they become cut off from the problems, difficulties, worries and hardships of the world. The amazing desert world keeps them attached to its attractive beauty and charm.


Experience best desert safari Dubai: The Arabian Desert is an outstanding and amazing trip. It provides many chances to experience having a close look at its gorgeous places. Moreover, it also gives the opportunity to enjoy the generous hospitality of the Nomadic people.  This marvelous trip includes thrilling dune-bashing ventures and enjoying Arabian Desert culture. Moreover, it also includes visiting the Bedouin camps, enjoying Arabian foods with delicious desserts, stargazing activities etc. All these activities disclose the secrets and beauty of Arabian culture as well as natural wonders. When visitors try to relax under the shade of starlight sky, they feel the magical beauty and charm of this marvelous place. Its charm leaves a pleasant impression on their souls and minds. In fact, this journey leaves them unable to forget it till their last breath.

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