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Dubai’s Golden Hour, Exploring Morning Desert Safaris

Exploring Morning Desert Safaris:

Exploring Morning Desert Safaris: Dubai, often known as “the City of Gold”, is famous for its modern wonders, lavish lifestyle, and dynamic culture. While the city itself is a worthwhile place, its surrounding desert promises a remarkable and attractive experience, particularly during the golden hours of sunrise. The Morning Desert Safari offers a memorable adventure that allows you to view the peaceful beauty of the desert as soon as it awakens to the first light of the day.

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The Enchantment of the Desert Sunrise, Dubai Golden Hours:

  At the time of sunrise, the sun spreads its warm and shiny glow all over the atmosphere which looks soul-pleasing and mesmerizing to watch. It just leaves you in awe and jaw-dropped. You are stunned by this amazing phenomenon of nature. This period after the rise of the sun is called the golden hour of the day, as the entire sky turns up the top golden color. This amazing environment is perfect for photography and creating never-forgetting memories. Moreover, photographs taken at this moment are amazing and eye-pleasing to watch and reflect the atmosphere of Dubai.

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Dune Bashing, Sand boarding and Camel Riding View with Quad Bike

Setting Out to Exploring Morning Desert Safaris:

The Morning Desert Safari is a popular activity in Dubai for both tourists and locals alike, and it typically begins early in the morning to capture the magic of the golden hour. The safari companies usually pick you up from your hotel in comfortable 4×4 vehicles designed to navigate the challenging desert terrain.

As you begin your adventure, you just forget the lavishness of the huge skyscrapers in the city and enjoy the refreshing and astounding company of the Arabian desert. You get to know about the traditions of the Arabs and the way they used to live in these deserts. The customs of the traditional Bedouin tribe are brought to your knowledge, which may prove useful in your professional and daily life. The adrenaline rush is real; you can feel the thrill of conquering these natural sand giants.

Adventure Among the Dunes:

The dunes themselves are a worth seeing view. The transforming sand produces ever-changing landscapes that seem almost unreal and strange, like something from a science fiction novel. When you climb up the dunes, the sense of loneliness and vastness of the desert becomes superficial, and you cannot help but be humbled by the absolute splendour of nature.

You might even detect some desert wildlife during your trip if you are blessed. Arabian oryx, sand gazelles, and many different desert birds call this grand expanse home. Keep your camera fully prepared because you never know when you may catch a complete wildlife movie among the dunes.

Witnessing the Desert Awaken:

During the rising of the sun, at dawn time, the desert gets alive in a symphony of colours and sounds. The sand takes on a warm golden colour, and the shadow cast by the dunes produces an intoxicating contrast. The desert flora, modified to flourish in the severe conditions, feels to shine with newly found energy.

One of the headings of the morning desert safari is the chance to view a falconry march. Falcons are an important part of the UAE’s cultural heritage, and expert falconers exhibit the bird’s unbelievable hunting skills opposite to the backdrop of the desert. It is the time that provides a glance into the lavish cultural conventions of the area.

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Activities during Dubai Golden Hour:

Breakfast in the Desert:

After the hopeful dune bashing experience and wildlife meetings, you will be carried to the Nomadic-style desert camp, where a delicious breakfast awaits you. The camp is an attractive oasis in the middle of the dunes with conventional Arabian tents and sitting arrangements on luxury cushions and carpets.

On this comfortable campsite, you can enjoy a tasty Buffet breakfast with local and international dishes. The sweet smell of fresh Arabic coffee and dates surrounds the area, and you can entertain yourself with vigorous food items while indulging yourself in the peaceful desert environment.

Cultural Immersion:

The Morning Desert Safari is not only about natural charm and interesting adventures. It also provides opportunities to indulge yourself in the lavish Nomadic culture of the area. The campsites frequently host cultural activities and demonstrations like camel riding, henna painting, conventional music performances. As well as traditional Tanoura dance and Belly dance in the evening.

You can discover the camp, interrelate with innocent giant creatures and camels, and enjoy its ride. This will promising you a taste of the traditional desert lifestyle. It provides an opportunity to connect with the history and cultural heritage of the UAE. This will make your desert safari even more delightful and unforgettable.

Capturing the Memories:

Throughout the memorable trip to Desert Safari, the golden hour gives photographers a fantastic canvas to work with. The soft, warm light bathes the desert in a golden color. This will producing a fabulous landscape that is suitable for catching breathtaking photographs. Whether you’re an expert photographer or you have only a smartphone, snapping away will impress you.


Morning Desert Safari is an attractive trip into the center of the Arabian Desert during the alluring golden colour. It is a remarkable mixture of adventure, natural charm, cultural indulgence, and photography chances that offer a memorable experience.

Whether you are adventure lover, or culture lover, this safari has something to promise everyone. At dawn, when sun rises over desert, painting the dune with golden colour, this scenic intoxicates every visitor. Providing them the golden chance to capture these moments in attractive photos. So always spend Dubai’s Golden Hours by arranging Morning Safari visit and save lot of golden hours in memory. You can choose any company for your trip. These are some best companies in Dubai Eyes Tourism LLC, Best Desert Safari Deal, and Dubai Trip Helper.

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