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How to prepare for a Desert safari tour?

Do you have plans of going for a desert safari tour? This blogs explains a bit of how to prepare for a desert safari tour in Dubai. Desert safari is among the most popular excursions for tourists visiting Dubai. People from all over the world visit the UAE and experience a red dune desert safari to view the sand dunes and get a sense of life in the Arab world before it became a tourist destination.

To find the best desert safari trip choose any Desert safari promotion company or any agent that offers a Desert safari tour & Dhow cruise Dubai marina.

Why is the Dubai desert safari so exciting?


The Dubai red dune desert safari is a fascinating, exciting, engaging, and all-around great way to immerse yourself in Middle Eastern culture while also getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience the thrills of the desert firsthand.

Of course, going on a red dune desert safari isn’t as glamorous as experiencing Dubai’s nightlife, rising architecture, or other risky activities, but it’s still one of the main reasons travelers return to Dubai time and time again.

BBQ, belly dancing, camel rides, Tanura dances, fire shows, traditional food under the stars, dune bashing, hot air ballooning, sand bashing on sandboarding, and a magnificent desert experience are just some highlights of your VIP desert safari Dubai. These are included in all Desert safari promotion packages. The traditional food may be the highlight of your overnight VIP desert safari adventure!

Preparing for a VIP Desert Safari in Dubai


Always drink plenty of water before beginning your journey in the desert, especially if you’re doing dune bashing. Dune bashing is a bouncing adventure. So, if you want to get a true taste of the desert, never stock up on drinkable water before embarking on the thrilling adventure.

Always wear a suitable hat, sunglasses, and a high-definition camera to capture any amazing memories. Your attire should be appropriate for the weather and atmosphere, choose a loose dress suits that will not irritate you during your exciting trip.

In the desert, be prepared to acclimatize to any climate. Wear sandals or open-toed shoes. In the desert, those are significantly superior to pumps and coat shoes.

Consider These Before The Trip Starts


You should inquire about the trip guide’s timing options. Morning desert Safaris are available in a variety of times, including morning, evening, and overnight. Find out if you’ll get picked up and dropped off at your hotel for free. This is critical to remember when organizing a VIP desert safari.

It goes without saying that you should learn about the culinary possibilities. Is the buffet included in your trip or simply snacks and drinks? Inquire of them. Morning Desert safaris are physically demanding, so eat light before going out. You will, obviously, be hungry so inquiring ahead of time will be beneficial.

You must be practical while going outdoor recreation in Dubai. The heat has become unbearable. As a result, light t-shirts, hot trousers, a dress, or something composed of natural textiles are recommended. For an evening out, jackets and shawls are ideal. As for the footwear, open sandals are the greatest.

If you want to avoid sunburn, use some sunscreen. Additionally, wear less jewelry on your body because it may injure you or others when participating in activities. Pack as little as possible. Bring a small backpack with you. It will be convenient for you and your co-passengers if you share a 4×4 vehicle.

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