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Romantic Desert Safari Dubai for Honeymooners

Dubai with its eye-catching sceneries and improvident prospects supplies us the opportunity to make unforgettable memories and capture the beautiful moments there, more likable by the romantics and the newly-wed couples who come here for their honeymoon trip. For this, one of the most exciting adventures in this city is the romantic Desert Safari Dubai. It provides you with a different jumble of thrill, romance, and cultural activities. This is how you should plan your Dubai trip. This trip keeps many more delights and exciting ventures with a touch of romance.

Right Operator For Romantic Desert Safari Dubai:

You should look for and search for an experienced guide in Dubai who already knows the places and picnic point areas of Dubai to ensure that your trip is a memorable one. You should also arrange a photographer or a cameraman who could capture all your pictures at the photogenic places. Otherwise, you should have a good high-megapixel camera with you. But if you don’t have any, you should ask your guide for taking your pictures with a mobile phone or arrange a camera for them. The operator will also guide you to the beautiful romantic places and the honeymoon hotels there with a great ambiance. The tour operator will provide you with all the facilities for a memorable and pleasant trip.

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Timing and Duration:

You should give priority to the evening Desert safari Dubai. It will offer you a mesmerizing view of the sunset. You also get to enjoy several other activities during this safari journey and you never get bored. This whole journey is round about 5-6 hours long.

Dune Bashing:

Start your adventure with the sensational dune bashing session. You should only participate in this session only if you are a stone-hearted person as this gives you an adrenaline rush through your veins when the 4×4 vehicles pass through the uneven dunes and the jeep flies in the air while you jump off from the high dunes. You should hold your partner to ensure your safety. This will also increase your love and make your trip enjoyable. Surely, this trip will make ever-lasting memories that you will cherish forever for the rest of your life. This activity will give a feeling of thrill and delight.

Romantic Desert Safari Dubai | Tour Agency in UAE | Eagle Eyes Tourism

Camel Ride:

After experiencing this, you get to enjoy the camel ride in the serene Arabian desert. It’s a peaceful way to explore the desert beauty accompanying each other’s companionship. This ride will make you feel the enjoyable company of your life partner. You can also have snaps to capture your memorable hours in photographs.

Sunset Views:

At the time of evening, when the sun is about to set, the desert turns into an astonishing view and the sky shows you an eye-pleasing sunset with plenty of colors in the sky. This creates a romantic atmosphere and you can have romance with your companion. A kiss or a cuddle might be enough at this point. The romantic sunset scene enhances the feelings of love and cares for each other.

Bedouin-style Camp:

During this whole tour, you should make it compulsory to visit the Bedouin-style camps. There, you are provided with traditional Arabic activities like shisha smoking, classical Arabic dances which include the famous belly dance, and Arabic cuisine. Arabic people welcome you with utmost hospitality and you get to know a lot about Arabian culture. At camps, you are served with Arabian coffee, sweet dates, and a tasty fragrant dinner. All the dinner is served in romantic star lights along with intoxicating music.

Romantic Desert Safari Dubai Dinner:

Enjoy the smoky barbecue dinner with a star-full sky. You will surely enjoy Arabic cuisine as it offers you a wide range of delicious foods. With the food, you also get served the belly dance along with traditional Arabic music.

Stargazing with Romantic Desert Safari Dubai:

After having this mouth-watering dinner, take your gaze to the sky which is full of beautiful twinkling stars, and enjoy this beautiful view with your partner. This might be the most romantic scene that could ever create and it can’t get better than that. Both should enjoy this soulful moment and try to arrange a camp-stay here by taking the help of your guide so that you can enjoy the desert’s beautiful sky to the fullest.

Private Camp experience:

If you wish to raise your romance to a high level, ask about private camp options. Some trip organizers arrange separate camps for couples with private cooks and planned setups. The new schedule will help the couple in selecting all places of visits and activities.

Capture the moments:

In the end, never ignore to bring your camera with you or hire a photographer so that you could make your golden moments memorable. The desert backdrop makes for fabulous photographs that you will hold dear for a long time. These memorable photographs will always make you fresh in the hours of tiredness. The beautiful romantic scenes add to the beauty of the photographs.

Important Notes:

  • Be careful of local customs and dress up nicely particularly in the desert camp area.
  • Give respect to the local surroundings and people.
  • Romantic Desert Safari Dubai is a memorable experience that completely mixes culture, romance, and adventure. It proves to be an ideal selection for new couples to celebrate their honeymoon period to create delightful memories together.
  • desert safari offers the best choice for interesting activities as well as also provides different information.

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