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Sightseeing Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina


The attractive city of Dubai is famous for its mesmerizing architecture, luxurious lifestyle, and outstanding experiences. Amidst its lot of attractions, the Dubai Marina shows evidence of human imagination and the latest city scheme. If anyone spends an evening while sightseeing on board of a conventional Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, it presents an attractive mixture of lavish, history. It also offers wondrous views that capture the senses and leave a persisting sign on every traveler who is so lucky to have the opportunity to participate in this distinctive journey.

As the sun dips below Dubai Marina’s skyline, casting a warm golden hue across the waters, a truly memorable sightseeing dhow cruise experience begins to unfold. The Dubai Marina is a man-made phenomenon, a precisely manufactured canal city bordered by long, tall buildings that feel like touching the heavens. Along these waters, a Dhow Cruise is a journey through time and modernism. Here an old beauty of a conventional wooden boat melodiously coexists along with the cutting-edge architecture that defines Dubai.

sightseeing Dhow Cruise Dubai Dinner with Eagle Eyes Touism


Masterwork of Artistry:

The Dhow is a masterwork of artistry, a tribute to the naval heritage of the area. The Dhow, adorned with intricate carvings and elegant helms, harkens back to a time when these sailboats dominated trade and exploration. Boarding this living relic whisks you to a bygone era of maritime pursuits, connecting you with the traders who navigated these waters centuries ago. Experience a captivating journey on a sightseeing dhow cruise in Dubai, where history comes to life on the waves.

Dubai Marina:

When the Dhow softly slides through the peaceful waters of Dubai Marina, the cityscape gets alive with a display of lights and colors.  The latest skyscrapers that slash the beaches are decorated with brilliant LED exhibitions producing a spirited tapestry against the horizon. The famous landmarks like turning towers and the delicate Princess Tower stand as quiet observers of Dubai’s meteoric rise to importance on the world stage.

Lavish Buffet on a Sightseeing Dhow Cruise Dubai:

When the Cruise advances, a tantalizing odor of a lavish Buffet spreads everywhere. It gives signs of the beginning of a culinary trip that is as elegant as the atmosphere. The crew serves delicious food items that represent different flavors of the Middle East, from juicy kebabs and fragrant rice dishes to highly spiced stews and freshly prepared bread. As the sun gracefully sets below the skyline, bathing Dubai Marina’s expansive waters in a radiant golden hue, a truly memorable sightseeing dhow cruise experience unfolds.

With this stunning backdrop, immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey, enhanced by the soothing embrace of the evening. The dinner is a blend of traditional and international cuisine to satisfy the taste buds of every visitor to their satisfaction. The guests are also served with delicious Arabian desserts and coffee. The background music and traditional Tanoura dance and Belly dance performances enhance the charm and taste of the dinner.

Tall Buildings:

The Dubai Marina comes active in a symphony of lights when the long tall buildings are lit, creating an enchanting exhibition that moves beyond the water. The Dhow Cruise Dubai is completely timed to view the Dubai Marina’s nightly light show. It is a choreographed sight that changes the city into a brilliant wonderland. Buildings adorned in a captivating array of colors form an enchanting visual display. Their reflection in the water creates a captivating mirror image, heightening the allure of the night. As you embark on the Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise, the surroundings come alive in a symphony of light and water, crafting an atmosphere of intrigue and wonder.

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Attractive Journey with Sightseeing Dhow Cruise Dubai:

Aboard the Dhow, the visitors are not only spectators but also active participants in this attractive journey. The Cruise presents a lot of entertainment options. Experience live musical shows infusing the air with melodic harmonies, along with traditional dance performances. These performances exalt the region’s rich cultural heritage. The atmosphere becomes a haven of delight and enjoyment as visitors from around the world gather. They sharing the enchantment of Dubai’s Marina and forging indelible memories. Amidst camaraderie and entertainment, the Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise becomes a vibrant tapestry of shared experiences.

Satisfaction with Sightseeing Dhow Cruise Dubai:

As the Dhow gently returns to its dock, concluding the cruise, a sense of tranquility and contentment envelops. As well as for those who relished this remarkable journey. The Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise is more than a mere sightseeing tour. It is a spiritual voyage encapsulating the essence of Dubai itself. As you disembark, a fulfilling experience lingers, connecting you to the heart of this vibrant city. It is a melodious mixture of modernity and tradition, lavishness and validity. It is a trip that exceeds time and place, leaving a permanent sign on the hearts of all the persons. Those fortunate enough to partake in it have been granted a golden opportunity to cherish. Amid the ambiance of Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise, each moment becomes a treasure, offering a chance to create cherished memories.


For those seeking a serene escape from city life, the Dubai Marina offers a Dhow Cruise experience. Immerse yourself in hours of memorable enjoyment against a stunning backdrop. Create lasting memories with an unforgettable sightseeing dhow cruise in Dubai. Surrounding attractive beautiful scenes intoxicate the visitors and provide them with a lot of time to make memorable photography. The scenic beauty of the place enhances the thrill and delight of the visitors. It is the best place in the world where visitors find two eras at a time. The beautiful blend of traditional and modern Arabic culture and heritage.

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