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Discover the Thrills of a Desert Safari in Dubai: An Ultimate Guide to an Adventure-Packed Experience

Dubai is a city that is synonymous with luxury and grandeur. From towering skyscrapers to sprawling shopping malls, it has something for everyone. But for those who want to get away from the glitz and glamour of the city, thrills of desert safari Dubai is a must-do activity. In this guide, we will show you how to make the most of your desert safari experience in Dubai.

What is a Desert Safari?

A desert safari is a unique adventure that takes you on a journey through the vast deserts of Dubai. This experience typically involves riding a 4×4 vehicle over the dunes, watching the sunset, enjoying a traditional Arabian dinner, and experiencing traditional entertainment such as belly dancing and henna painting.

A Desert Safari is an adventurous journey through the vast and scenic deserts of Dubai, often accompanied by a local guide. It is a unique experience that typically includes activities such as dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, and watching the sunset, followed by a traditional Arabian dinner and cultural entertainment such as belly dancing and henna painting. Desert safaris provide a rare opportunity to escape the bustling city and immerse oneself in the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of the Arabian Peninsula.


thrills of Desert Safari Dubai Features

Type of Safari:

Dubai is known for its thrilling desert safaris, offering visitors a variety of options to experience the beauty and adventure of the desert. Here are some of the most popular types of desert safaris in Dubai:

Morning Safari:

If you are an early bird, a morning safari is a good option. This is a great time to enjoy the stunning views of the desert landscape in the early hours when the weather is relatively cool. You may also have the opportunity to witness the sunrise over the sand dunes, which can be a magical experience. Click here for Learn More:

Afternoon Safari:

An afternoon desert safari is ideal if you prefer to sleep in and enjoy a more relaxed morning. This option allows you to enjoy the desert scenery during the warmer hours of the day. You can also enjoy the sunset while engaging in activities like dune bashing, sandboarding, or camel riding.

Evening Safari:

The evening is the most popular time for desert safaris in Dubai. The weather is cooler, and you can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the dunes. The evening safari often includes a delicious barbecue dinner with traditional entertainment such as belly dancing, tanoura dance, and fire shows. Click here for Learn More:

Overnight Safari:

For a more immersive desert experience, you can opt for an overnight safari. This option allows you to spend the night in a traditional Bedouin camp, under the stars, and experience the peacefulness and tranquility of the desert at night. You can enjoy a delicious dinner, traditional entertainment, and a peaceful night’s sleep in the desert. Click here for Learn More:

The best time for a desert safari in Dubai depends on your preferences and what you hope to experience. Whether you prefer the coolness of the morning, the warmth of the afternoon, the beauty of the sunset, or the peacefulness of the night, there is an option for you to enjoy the desert experience.

How to Choose the Right Desert Safari Tour?

With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right desert safari tour for you. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

Time of Day:

Dubai is a popular destination for desert safaris, and the time of day you choose to embark on your desert adventure can greatly impact your experience. Here are some factors to consider when deciding on the best time of day for your desert safari:

Dune Bashing:

Dune bashing is one of the most exciting and popular activities in Dubai. This activity involves a thrilling ride over the sand dunes in a 4×4 vehicle with an experienced driver. It’s a great way to experience the thrill of the desert while enjoying breathtaking views of the landscape.

Camel Riding:

For a more traditional desert experience, camel riding is a popular option. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely camel ride through the desert while taking in the stunning views of the landscape. This is a great option for those who prefer a more relaxed and peaceful activity.


Sandboarding is a unique and thrilling activity in which visitors can slide down the sand dunes on a board, similar to snowboarding. This is a great option for adventure seekers who want to try something new and experience the desert in a different way.

Quad Biking:

Quad biking is a popular activity for those who love adventure and speed. Visitors can explore the desert on a quad bike and enjoy the thrill of riding over the sand dunes. This is a great option for those who want to combine adventure with stunning desert views.

Dubai offers a variety of options for desert safaris, from thrilling dune bashing and quad biking to peaceful camel rides and overnight camping. Whether you are an adventure seeker or prefer a more relaxed experience, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the stunning desert landscape of Dubai.

What to Expect on Thrills of Desert Safari Dubai?

Once you’ve chosen your tour, you can expect to have an unforgettable time in the Dubai desert. Here are some of the highlights of a typical desert safari experience:

  • Dune Bashing: This is the most exhilarating part of the desert safari, where you’ll ride over the dunes in a 4×4 vehicle.
  • Sunset Viewing: The desert is a magical place to watch the sunset, surrounded by the rolling dunes.
  • Arabian Dinner: Enjoy a traditional Arabian feast under the stars, complete with barbequed meats, salads, and more.
  • Traditional Entertainment: Experience the rich cultural heritage of the Arabian Peninsula with a belly dancing performance, henna painting, and more.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Thrills of Desert Safari Dubai:

  • Dress Appropriately: Wear comfortable, breathable clothing, and bring a scarf to protect your face from the sand.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated in the desert heat.
  • Capture the Moment: Don’t forget to take plenty of photos and videos to capture the memories of your desert safari.

Overall a desert safari in Dubai is an experience like no other. From the thrill of dune bashing to the magic of watching the sunset, it offers a unique glimpse into the beauty and culture of the Arabian desert. So, why wait? Book your desert safari tour today and get ready for an adventure like no other.


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