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Desert Safari In Dubai: Top10 Experiences And Attractions

The Most Cheapest Desert Safari in Dubai

Explore the most cheapest desert safari in Dubai with endless benefits. Explore the exceptional beauty of Dubai’s most popular tourist places. Dubai is a dream place and paradise for wanderers who want to explore. Once in a lifetime, every person should visit and explore Dubai. The grand malls, exciting nightlife, and vibrancy around the city attract visitors from across the globe. The most popular thing is the exciting Desert Safari in Dubai. Desert Safari lets you explore the exceptional beauty of Dubai’s most popular tourist places. You will experience the calmness and beautiful emptiness of the desert.

Dubai is famous for many things but primarily because of its local cuisines and culture, which predominantly makes it the tourist hub. Desert Safari Dubai is known for its enriching experience in different activities, including camel rides, observing wildlife, sandboarding, bike rides, dressing up in Arab traditional attires, enjoying dance shows with delicious barbeque, and many more. Experiences become even better if guided by the best tourism services, and Eagle Eyes Tourism is known for being the best. We provide the best desert safari in Dubai, and the experience is worth cherishing.

Top 10 Experiences and Attractions

Enjoy the Sight of the first ray of the sun (Beautiful Sunrise) 

Desert safari in Dubai gives you the beautiful opportunity to cherish the view of the first ray of the rising sun and how it shines over the beautiful Arabian desert. The view is exceptionally breathtaking, which you can capture in your camera to hold on to this beautiful experience forever in your memories.

self drive to desert

Camel Rides

Will it be fair to go on a Desert Safari and not experience a bumpy camel ride? A camel ride in the desert safari is the cherry on the cake. It makes the whole experience more fun and exciting. It helps you explore the wildlife in the emptiness of the desert. You can see the falcons flying around, and don’t forget the best part.. an amazing picture of the falcon on your arm.Morning Desert Safari in Dubai | Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Dune Bashing

If you love adventures, then this is the fun part for you. Dubai Desert Safari lets you experience the Arabian desert in the best possible way. Dune Bashing involves riding a big jeep-type vehicle and driving over the dunes at different speed limits. It is an adventurous activity that keeps the fun level high during the Desert safari.

Riding a Quad Bike

Riding a Quad bike in the Arabian desert is a thrilling activity. Quad bike is a four-wheeled motorbike that offers the exciting adventure of riding on the terrains of the desert. Oh, you don’t know how to ride a quad bike…? Don’t worry, you will be given proper instructions for using it, and you will ride the bike wearing protective gear for your safety.

Sandboarding on the dunes.

Have you ever tried sandboarding? Just like snowboarding, you get to experience sandboarding. It involves riding down a dune on a board, and your feet will be strapped to the board while riding the dune. It is a fun and adventurous activity while enjoying the beauty of the desert.

Experience the Sunset

Evenings in the Arabian desert are as beautiful as the mornings. You cannot miss the mesmerizing view of the beautiful sunset. The orange light is spread throughout the desert when the sun hides behind the dunes. It is a magical sight that must be captured in the memories forever.

Unforgettable experience during the Hot Air Balloon Ride

It is a beautiful experience to see the whole Arabian desert from the sky! Now you can enjoy the hot air balloon ride and a 360-degree view of the beautiful desert. As the hot air balloon goes high up in the sky, the view becomes more and more attractive. You can spot everything at once, and yes don’t forget to capture the moment on your camera.

Exciting Nightlife

Dubai is a dream place, whether it is day or night. Night activities in Dubai are as exciting as daytime activities. You can enjoy belly dancing shows, tanoura dance, and fire dance shows. The performances by fire dancers might leave you speechless because of the stunts they perform during the show. You can also get a henna tattoo (temporary) with beautiful designs.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai | Overnight Desert Safari Deals

Enjoying Local cuisines and Delicacies

Just thinking about the authentic flavors and taste of Arabic cuisines brings water to my mouth. Now you can enjoy a buffet of tasty cuisines in a luxury tent during your Desert Safari in Dubai. The popular Arabic dishes include Kebabs, kefta, mansaf, and flavored smoking called Sheesha. Sheesha is the traditional dessert of the UAE.

Safari ends under the blanket of stars.

Desert is a place where you can enjoy every minute of your day. You enjoy the sunrise in the morning, experience some adventure activities, have delicious cuisines in the evening, and have a peaceful ending at night. Night brings you a beautiful view of millions of stars, and it is a lovely experience and the best way to relax after a long day.

Dubai is a dream place, and many people dream about experiencing the most cheapest desert safari in Dubai, and we make dreams come true. Eagle Eyes Tourism provides the most amazing and exciting travel experience, and we promise to take the whole experience of Desert Safari in Dubai to the next level.

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