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Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Dubai Dhow Cruise

Choosing The Perfect Dubai Dhow Cruise

Perfect Dubai Dhow Cruise is one of the best destinations in Dubai, and its exceptional beauty attracts tourists to the gorgeous city.

Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai | Dhow Marina Dinner Cruise | Eagle EyesThe Dhow Cruise tour shows the beautiful town and the historical ‘dhow’ and maritime stay. The dhow was a small boat used by the old fishers for fishing activity. With the changing time, Dubai has experienced immense growth and started living a luxurious way of living and trading. Eagle Eyes Tourism provides the best Dhow cruise tour in Dubai. Get the dreamy experience of celebrating the Dubai cruise tour with delicious cuisines, and capture the best view in your memories forever.

Dhow cruise Dubai tour lets you enjoy a peaceful night on the cruise decorated with glittering lights. Imagine holding a drink in your hand and enjoying the beautiful view. Elegant and novel experience in Dhow cruise is one of the primary reasons people are attracted to Dubai. Today Eagle Eyes Tourism has brought to the ultimate guide for selecting the perfect Dhow cruise tour for you.

Where can you go for a Dhow Cruise tour in Dubai?

On a Dubai Dhow cruise, you can visit Creek and Marina. Creek and Marina are two options that provide the richest traveling experience. Unique Arab decorations make the Dhow Cruise more beautiful and attract many visitors and tourists. You will serve by different Arab cuisines during cruising while seeing the beautiful sightseeing.

How to choose a cruise between Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina?

Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina are both equally famous and attract tourists from all over the world. Here is some information about both places:

Dhow Cruise Creek:

The Creek is a special and magnificent waterway in Dubai, passing through the area between two popular buildings. You get to enjoy the beautiful view of high-rise buildings with the striking skyline. The cruise trip includes live shows, unlimited food services, amazing Arab cuisines, and most importantly, the breathtaking view. This 2-hour dhow cruise tour lets you explore the heart of Dubai.

Dubai Cruise Marina

Marina is the special canal in Dubai, and the Dhow Cruise tour to Marina canal is inspired by traditional Bedouin living. Dhow Cruise tour lets you experience the cultural beauty around the Marina Canal. Marina skyline is the highlight of the cruise tour filled with the traditional essence of the Arab culture. Enjoy the beautiful songs and performances, along with the delicious food available on the cruise.

Now you can choose whether you want to experience the beauty of the Dhow Cruise tour to Creek or the Marina canal. No matter wherever you go, you will have the best time of your life.

What is the best time for a Dhow Cruise Tour in Dubai?

The best time to go for a Motor Boat Cruise Tour simply depends on your preferences. If you want to explore the beauty of the places in the peak of sunlight, you must experience the cruise tour in the daytime and explore the routine life of Dubai.

On the other hand, the night-time cruise tour offers you an unforgettable experience. You will explore the beautiful view of the ambiance. Eagle Eyes tourism promises the perfect Dubai Dhow cruise tour experience. Check out our exclusive deals and offers for you.

Dhow Cruise Tour Major Highlights

The most popular Dubai Dhow Cruise tour lets you explore some of the city’s notable buildings while being in the water. It showcases the beautiful lights and hues. If you want to explore and like sightseeing, you must pick a daytime cruise tour. 

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The major highlights of the cruise are: Dubai National Bank Spice & Gold Souks Chamber of Commer Al Bastakiya District Sheikh Saeed’s House Heritage Village Cruises. Now enjoy the view of the wonders of the world. Now enjoy the city’s vibrant streets, white sand beaches, and beautiful skylines relaxing on the boat. 

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