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Uncover the Thrilling Adventures and Majestic Landscapes of Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai, which is known as the Jewel of the United Arab Emirates, is also well known for its marvelous construction designs, splendid lifestyle and excessive involvement. The skyline of Dubai is well-decorated with gigantic buildings and splendid wonders of the world. Along with all these, Dubai also presents a distinctive and exciting venture, which is the Desert Safari. The Desert Safari Dubai Landscapes are located a small drive from the city center. The Arabian Desert looks to encourage an outstanding and impressive trip via exalted panorama and amazing recreation.

 Sandy Regions of Desert Safari Dubai Landscapes:

The Desert Safari of Dubai presents a sensory insight that plunges everyone into the charm and beauty of the sandy region. When one travels into this vast and large desert, the hectic and energetic environment of the desert presents a clear, bright, calm and peaceful atmosphere.  This majestic place makes us feel the slow passing of time. The first sight of this long, endless sand hillock with its long, endless stretching as far as the human eye can watch does not lack intoxication. This beautiful panorama, which is distinguished by moving mounds of different shapes and sizes, generates a delightful setting that looks just like a marvelous and charming scene in a movie.

Gliding of Vehicles:

While making a journey of the Desert Safari Dubai, the most famous activity is dune hitting. The intoxicating situation of rising up and down the sandy incline, along with the delightful experience of gliding and gliding vehicles between sand dunes, is an amazing feeling and experience. This venture will leave an everlasting effect and will leave you exhausted along with more longing for more trips.

Beauty of Desert at Twilight:

As time passes and the sun is about to set, the splendid and marvelous desert changes into a supernatural monarchy of golden color and timber sound. It provides you the actual time to take memorable photographs, abducting the exquisite charm and beauty of the sandy desert at the intoxicating time of dim light. This twilight and nightfall create long shadows over the sand dunes. These marvelous scenes create an appreciable contrast and enhance the fascination in the atmosphere.

Arabian Desert Camp:

When darkness disappears, one can encounter an amazing and conventional Arabian experience at a desert camp. These camps exhibit a brief look at rural culture and present a wide range of activities to plunge into the beautiful scenes. One can enjoy camel riding, which is a very typical and supreme experience in deserts. The riding on the back of this strange creature makes you feel as if one is linked to the old Bedouin folklore of the desert. This type of sandboarding chance is not able to be skipped. This activity is just like snowboarding, but in this activity, sand is used in place of snow.

This activity includes gliding down the incline of the sand dunes on boards that are specially designed for this purpose. Whether one is a habitual boarder or the feeling of moving down in sand dune or flying with the wind in the hair is a much more exciting and thrilling experience. To make content one’s cultural longings, one can talk to Bedouin people who have been living there for a long time and can have a lot of information about the amazing culture, lifestyle and customs and traditions about them.

Self drive to desert safari in Dubai morning desert safari sharjah
Desert Safari Dubai Landscapes with Dune Bashing

Know about their unique clothing, enjoy their tasty traditional food items, and listen to their interesting stories relating to their unique and simple nomadic lifestyle. While visiting their desert camp, one can feel a warm and excited welcome from the Bedouin people. Their beautiful traditional camps are decorated with charming and soft carpets and cushions, and one can feel relaxation and comfort while using them.

Charming Arabian Culture:

As the time of sunset comes near, the desert skies are shining with sparkling and twinkling stars. One can get ready to enjoy the cultural shows that are filled with thrill and excitement as well as can provide us with a lot of information about the charming Arabian culture. One can sit here in relaxing manner and can enjoy different kinds of dances, including Tanoura dance and Belly dance. As well as the dancers are clad in beautiful colorful skirts. Their traditional musical tools and instruments present amazing and intoxicating music producing amusing melodies in the atmosphere. Stages are prepared to spend a marvelous and amazing night full of excitement and cultural experiences.

Traditional Arabian Foods:

During this amazing journey of Desert Safari venture, one can enjoy tasty and delicious traditional desert foods. Enjoy different kinds of delicious dishes, including grilled meat items. Shawarma, kebabs and taste as well as rice dishes with fragrant spices are included. One can also taste falafel, which is tasty snack prepared from chickpeas and delicious pastry adorned with nuts and honey. Tasting all these tasty food items under the starry skies in the neighboring desert environment.

At the time near sunset, the sky changes into a beautiful picture filled with charming colors. This amazing sight will leave one breathless or speechless for a long time. The mixing of purple, orange and pink colors presents the desert sky glow warmly. Look for a comfortable and homey place, have relaxation and watch unbelievable artwork of nature right before one’s eyes. Till sunset, one can go on enjoying these incredible scenes.  By that time, the sun creates long shadows over vast sand dune dunes. The sight of sunset is unforgettable and creates an ever-lasting impact on visitors’ minds.


A visit to Bedouin camps in Dubai offers the visitor a warm welcome with Arabian coffee and dates. You can get a lot of information about Arabian culture and hospitality. You will have a chance to use its local dressing for the purpose of photography. The evening desert safari show present numerous cultural shows like belly dance and Tanoura dance.  The visitors also enjoy delicious traditional Arabian foods under the shade of starry skies. Some physical activities like dune bashing and gliding sand dunes demand some precautions to have a safe, enjoyable experience.

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