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Journey into Heart of Desert with Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai, that is known as the shining gemstone of the United Arab Emirates is famous for its high and multistory buildings and skyscrapers, luxurious and gorgeous shopping Malls as well as its rich lifestyle. Still across the modern city sights, there is an old world of intoxicating Desert Landscape and it is the need of the time to be search it. A journey into heart of Desert with Desert Safari Dubai presents visitors a memorable venture. This memorable venture is into the heart of Desert Arabian mystery where natural wonders and invigorate observations and experiences can be made. This informative article goes through the supernatural kingdom of Desert Safari Dubai while detaining the spirit of its lavish legacy, various schemes and intoxicating charm.

A Journey into Heart of Desert:

The desert of Dubai is an amazing and intoxicating stretch of sand dunes that looks to expand without any limit into the region. It presents festivities to the five senses, the colorful land scape having golden color shine. It also includes ever changing color of the sunlight producing an enchanting canvas for memorable experiences. The beginning of the journey into heart of desert with desert safari which starts with the exciting rides across the sand dunes. The expert drivers steering the rolling ground presenting thrilling and vigorous suggestions for the visitors.

A journey into heart of desert with Evening Desert Safari |

The Bedouin inheritance:

As it is time of twilight when the sun is about to set over the desert, the memorable trip continuous to a conventional Bedouin camp. The nomadic tribes belonging to the Arabian Peninsula have left an enduring and lasting impressions on cultural legacy of Dubai. At the camps, the visitors and travelers enjoy with the Arabian coffee and dates observing the vast hospitality offered by the Bedouins. The regional artists present their art works exhibit tangled handmade rugs and carpets, elegant crockery and above all beautifully prepared jewelry. Visitors can also utilize conventional Arabian costumes and dresses for the purpose of memorable photography to be remembered till long time.

Cooking skills:

Offering local foods and cooking is an integral and essential part of any cultural region and the Desert Safari presents the best offers in this regard. The nomadic style dinner presents a lavish banquet of delicious Arabian dishes that includes tasty and delicious biryani to yummy kebabs along with tasty sweet dishes as well as desserts. The tourists and visitors enjoy delicious dinner under the twinkling light of desert stars. This scene is much inspiring and intoxicating for them. The visitors are amused by live conventional music concerts and intoxicating live performances of Belly Dance and many different types of other dance performances increasing and adding to the charm of evening time.

Stargazing Journey into Heart of Desert:

The vast and spacious sand dunes of Dubai offer many golden chances of stargazing activity, away from the city light regions. As the sun sets and darkness spreads out over the desert, the heavenly sight spreads out in the skies. With the help of specialists and expert guides, tourists can watch and enjoy the cluster of stars. Furthermore they can also hear the enjoyable stories about old culture of paraphrasing and explaining stars. The peacefulness of the deserts present a perfect situation to get connection with heaven and keep the visitors in a complete sense of astonishment and humbleness. The beauty and charm of the heavenly world make everything forgettable for the tourists.

Exciting Campaign Journey into Heart of Desert:

Along with having cultural experiences, the Desert Safari of Dubai is a center of many hopeful and exciting activities. This will satisfy and amuse all kinds of tourists and visitors. The lovers of adventure get busy in many exciting and thrilling activities like sandboarding, dune bashing and quad biking. These activities satisfied to their quest for adrenaline pumping. The adventurers can have enough chance of high octane ventures in the spacious playgrounds of the deserts. The adventurers can collect numerous memorable events of interesting activities.

Conservation and durability:

As whole world is familiar and have lot of information about significance and importance of saving natural ecosystems. That’s why Desert Safari Dubai presents the rules and regulations of conservation and durability of natural ecosystem. Trip and journey arranger have taken important steps to establish organized tourism practices. This will encouraging environmental welfare and estimation for regional wildlife. The tourists are well aware of and familiar with the elegant equilibrium. As well as balance of the desert ecosystem motivating profound admiration for its charm and delicacy.

Dawn Time Journey into Heart of Deserts:

A supernatural closing to Desert Safari Dubai anticipates for those who opt to stay in the desert for night. In the morning, they observe dawn among peaceful dunes which is an amazing affair. The faint light of sunrise gives off charming silhouette, and the planet arise to a harmony of desert voices. As the desert starts flourishing, travelers become keen and excited to have this astonishing adventure. The visitors get delight and amusement while facing this marvelous and heart touching process. They get up early in the morning for having this amazing experience.


Eagle Eyes offer such type of trips and journeys that go beyond and rise above time as well as culture. Plunging visitors in a captivating compound of old conventions and latest sensation. Across the thrill and fascination of the city, the Arabian Desert disclose and unveil its essence and spirit. Which presents delightful welcome to visitors and tourists as well as mesmerize them with its unforgettable charm and beauty. The Desert Safari Dubai offers such types of adventures that keep engrave in the hearts of adventurous people. This adventure is present into the center of the desert of Dubai. The tourists and visitors immerse in the golden and interesting memories till their life time. Thus this amusing and delightful trip provides vast opportunities to its visitors to set a collection of golden scenes. These colorful scenes of many charming events and adventures provide lifetime memories.

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